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Misty Issue 56

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Date:March 3rd, 1979

The Nine Lives Of Nicola:Part 4
Bast statue in temple is pulled down, Miss Royle statue is discovered at school but think it's just a statue, Nicola is invited to Ravala's house [lots of parallels between stories in Ancient Egypt and present-day UK].
Page 3

The Simple Job
Terri's uncle tries to have her killed so he can inherit carnival but Frankenstein, Dracula and Werewolf characters from ghost train finish him off instead.
Page 7

Wendy the Witch:Part 11
Wendy walks her neighbors dog. When a bully mocks how small the dog is, Wendy uses magic to make it grow in size, and chase the bully.
Page 11

The Secret World Of Sally Maxwell:Part 8
Ruby attacks Linda to try and find out about Sally's power but doesnt; Sally tells Linda about her ability.
Page 12

The Scarecrow
Viv looking after a farm gets rid of scary scarecrow multiple times then is attacked by vampire - scarecrow Charlie returns to save her (vampire is scared of his cross) then Charlie vanishes and Viv is distraught.
Page 16

In The Labyrinths Of Her Mind...
Orphan Judy is mean to everyone, gets a tape recorder that hisses creepy rhymes at her, throws it away but can still hear it
Page 20

Heart's Desire
Victorian twins Effie and Dot meet two elderly strangers who ask them their wish, Effie is greedy and they adopt her and literally kill her with kindness
Page 22

Whistle And I'll Come...:Part 14
Toni decides to go to fair, but Albert makes her stay and report gang, story is in paper and the Hudson family (whose wallet she returned) come and adopt her and take her to the country. Albert leaves as ‘You don’t have to worry about me any more. The Hudsons are the best bunch you could ever meet’.
Page 28