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Misty Issue 55

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The Rise And Fall Of Anna Hughes

Date:February 24th, 1979

The Nine Lives Of Nicola:Part 3
Nicola is the last priestess of Bast, Princess Ravala takes place of her biology teacher who has been turned to stone [pic reveal only] 'Miss Royle lay in the cellar of the school unable to tell anyone of her fate' as image shows her as featureless stone statue.
Page 3

Slave Of Time...
Lisa steals clock then realises it controls time and is trapped into winding it forever. panel borders removed outside time
Page 8

Whistle And I'll Come...:Part 13
Toni captured by thugs who know her stepdad, Albert helps her escape, she can either report thugs or meet fairground people to move on...
Page 12

The Island
Angie and Sue on holiday, row out to forbidden island after being warned of mist and beast... island itself is beast and goes down to bottom of ocean with them.
Page 16

The Rise And Fall Of Anna Hughes
Bossy prefect Anna uses 'perfume' sent by girl's magician uncle and floats off into the distance. Lots of puns. Bookended by intro/explanation of her fate.
Page 20

Croc In The Box
Sue is bullied at school, her 'imaginary friend' pet crocodile takes care of bully Mavis.
Page 22

Wendy the Witch:Part 10
Wendy uses her magic to punish a bully who's stealing sweets
Page 28

Pickpocket Tracey steals magical lens that makes her invisible but it gets smashed by a tramp who finds it and the world vanishes around her (medium fades to white)
Page 29