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Misty Issue 54

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The Doorway To Evil!

Date:February 17th, 1979

The Nine Lives Of Nicola:Part 2
Cobra King sends Princess Ravala to get her – has a snake with medusa-type powers.
Page 3

Wendy the Witch:Part 9
Wendy has a cold and uses magic to get rid of it so she can go out and play. She magic's up an ice slide, but it backfires when she falls into an icy puddle and catches cold again
Page 7

Hunt The Ripper
Mysterious guest at victorian lodging house - Alison looks in his trunk convinced he is ripper but 'body' is a ventriloquists dummy - reveals he is Count Dracula and he pursues her then kills Jack the Ripper 'Throughout the night those two creatures of evil grappled with each other, forgetting Alison. Who knows who won? But there were no more Ripper murders ... And Count Dracula was detained so long he could not return to his native earth before the sun rose. In some dirty East End alley he must have withered to dust in the sun's rays.' (13) - reassuring narrative voice conclusion
Page 8

The Golden Princess
Fairytale setting. Lucas and 'Bad John' plot to steal gold from generous princess - she is Midas's graddaughter and turns them both into gold statues.
Page 16

The Doorway To Evil!
Sarah thinks her family have a shameful secret in the cellar but actually they are guardians to doorway to hell
Page 20

The Secret World Of Sally Maxwell:Part 7
Some girls at school relent and want to be friends with Sally, Ruby vows to find out Sally's secret.
Page 22

Whistle And I'll Come...:Part 12
Toni saves fairground folk from a fire and is invited to go with them.
Page 28