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Misty Issue 51

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The Little White Dot

Date:January 27th, 1979

Whistle And I'll Come...:Part 9
Toni’s dad on her trail and Albert visits her mother who is dying in hospital. ‘He ain't no ordinary dog, after all'. Describes the Sinclair family as 'numerous, noisy and cheerful' 'No wonder Selina's so cheerful, living with a magic family like this'.
Page 3

If Only...
Poor Lois wants to swap lives with rich Kora, visits witch 'I will help you because you're a girl after my own black heart' (7) turns out kora is dying that's why she is spoiled
Page 8

The Secret World Of Sally Maxwell:Part 4
Sally gets bullied at school.
Page 12

Green Fingers...
Father becomes obsessed with making a red daffodil.
Page 16

The Little White Dot
Spirit of TV escapes via an 'energy bridge' as Janet watches the little white dot, hurts her because she can't entertain her, doctor says it is just an electric shock from faulty TV.
Page 18

The Girl Who Stole The Stars
Finds meteor fragment that grants wishes, asks for good stuff for herself and family, but each wish she makes puts out a star, realises sun is a star and undoes her wishing in time.
Page 20

Hush, Hush, Sweet Rachel:Part 10
Rosie's trick fails, Lisa goes back to house.
Page 28