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Misty Issue 50

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A Friend In Need... (b)

Date:January 20th, 1979

Whistle And I'll Come...:Part 8
Toni refers to 'me stepdad', visits her friend Selina who lives at council flats.
Page 3

The Ghost Of The Butterfly Ballet...
Evil director uses a real butterfly in show every night, lead dancer Emma sets them free, and then moths invade the theatre 'Moths! Ugly and fat! Their wings cold and clammy like the touch of winter!' and audience etc all desert it, evil owner goes broke.
Page 7

The Secret World Of Sally Maxwell:Part 3
Sally moves in with aunt and uncle and cousins who don't want her, avoids their tricks [eye image when she reads peoples thoughts].
Page 12

Happy Birthday, Spooky Sue!
Jenny and 13 classmates invited to her party, Sue blows out candles one by one and they each vanish in puff of smoke except Jenny who was the only one who was nice to her - is allowed to leave and given the last candle 'it will stay alight forever' - narrated by Jenny.
Page 16

A Friend In Need... (b)
Sarah's living snowman chasing mean kids melts and saves Mrs March from fire.
Page 20

Miss Cassidy's Cat...
Neighbour jilly chases cat, thinks mrs c has made him giant but final panel reveal she has shrunk her instead. Given viewpoint of witch through eye shaped panels p25
Page 22

Hush, Hush, Sweet Rachel:Part 9
Rosie gets revenge in disco, plays song and turns Lisa into Rachel, covers her in makeup, friends find burnt out house.
Page 28