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Misty Issue 5

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The Salamander Girl

Date:March 4th, 1978

Paint It Black:Part 5
Maggie goes and explores house, finds room Maria painted in, but senses sadness and sees bolts on outside of door and runs home, dad nags her to start another painting and looks greedy, ‘If you go on like this I can see I shall have to lock you in.’ (good page layout shattered panels etc when she explores broken down house)
Page 3

The Cult Of The Cat:Part 5
Nicola runs away and finds friends but none of them spot Charmian (turned back into cat), teacher asks her to explain what she has learnt and as Charmian casts a spell she enters a trance and spouts forth about Egypt, cat goddess and acolytes used to control serpents seeing herself there in minds eye being initiated and screams at serpents.
Page 7

House Of Faith...
Susan’s parents leave her home with housekeeper for a month, she treats house carelessly (parties, tramples garden) and everything she touches seems to break, gardener and housekeeper tell her it is because house needs love to survive but she ignores them, that night she goes onto balcony hearing sounds and it collapses and she dies ‘The house of faith had been a place of love. It died, becoming only a house of greed, of emptiness… but the house of faith made sure it did not die alone!’
Page 12

The Salamander Girl
Gypsy Carlotta finds girl in forest fire, she dances like the flames and villagers fear her (‘I am glad to be different!’) Carlotta dies and Salah burns her caravan and body.
Page 16

Mrs. Rossiter's Cats
Mary goes to visit old Mrs Rossiter with cakes but bullies take them and smash her windows, Mrs Rossiter reveals she is a witch and turns them into cats
Page 18

The Sentinels:Part 5
Sally and Jan figure out that people are vanishing into the other world in the Sentinels when soldiers arrive at the house and take both Sally and Jan away, also say they have captured her dad (Jan assumes the dad from this world) wandering around looking lost, while convoy is taking them away sniper blows up car and they run off. Jan and Sally run to the flat with two doors and return to Jan’s world to find her dad is missing.
Page 22

Miss T:Part 5
Page 26

Moonchild:Part 5
Rosemary finds portrait of her grandmother who looks just like her and with same scar and power, forges mum’s signature on Drs note for tests, Dawn picks her for hockey team but Anne warns her again and Rosemary pulls back, Norma and Dawn meet and decide to get Anne out of the way.
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