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Misty Issue 47

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Date:December 23rd, 1978

Hush, Hush, Sweet Rachel:Part 6
Lisa escapes severe punishment for painting on the walls as teacher lets her off, and her friends help her fix the damage, and discover Rosie is partly to blame. Rosie plots further revenge on them and Lisa sees Mrs Prendergast on way home and follows her to graveyard where she finds Rachel’s grave and begs her to ‘set me free’.
Page 3

Who's A Pretty Boy Then?
Mean relatives are shocked to discover their rich Uncle Hector has left them nothing in his will except a parrot, which spews insults and pecks Vanessa’s face and escapes, they throw the cage away not realising its bottom is filled with diamonds.
Page 8

A Scream In The Night! (Nightmare)
Jan wakes at 3am to see a shadowy man outside her third-floor window, he comes in and traps her in a ‘specimen box’ and takes her to his spaceship, then it is revealed that it is his nightmare not hers.
Page 12

Miss T:Part 47
Page 19

Ghost Of Christmas Present (Christmas)
(A Misty Special Christmas Story) – Same house as previous issue, now a small hotel. Diana, the new owner, refuses to throw the Christmas party for the orphanage as her gran did every year. Starts seeing the figure of an old woman around, and thinks it is her gran but it is not, then one day it speaks and tells her this is her in the future, alone having turned back on everyone, and she decides to throw the party after all.
Page 20

Examination Nerves
Sheila has a nightmare about a German interrogation, puts it down to worries about her O Levels which she passes and goes to Germany that summer to work as an au pair. Struggles to find the house and when she arrives is so tired she falls asleep, wakes up to find police there and a body being carried out, interrogation scene identical to the nightmare she had.
Page 24

Whistle And I'll Come...:Part 5
Baker’s wife convinces him to take Toni in, but then they discuss it and decide to call police as worried they will be accessories to crime. Albert wakes her and they get out just in time, she tries to hide on a boat but a real-life dog stops her and growls.
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