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Misty Issue 46

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Hush, Hush, Sweet Rachel

Date:December 16th, 1978

Hush, Hush, Sweet Rachel:Part 5
Mrs Prendergast leaves and Lisa goes to school next day worried, starts acting like a child again and tells her friends all about it, they say they will help her. But Rosie ‘the Incredible Bulk’ uses her confusion to convince her she is Rachel and draw all over the classroom walls as dislikes her and wants to bring her down to her level.
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Samantha's Dream
Opens with Samantha’s dream of seeing ghosts which she has had every night on holiday, the family decide to go home the next day but train crashes and Sam finds herself in her dream, but then realises she is the only one who has died.
Page 8

Ghost Of Christmas Past (Christmas)
(‘1928’ ‘A Misty Special Christmas story’) Sarah and family move into new house and discover an untouched room with a strange sense of sadness, some days later Sarah gets a terrible headache and they send for doctor and a strange man appears and saves her. Minutes later the real doctor arrives and tells them that they have seen the ghost of the previous owner who failed to save his own daughter due to drunkenness, and the next day they discover the room now clean and feeling ‘contented’ and ‘at peace’.
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Midnight Masquerader:Part 10
Felix fires a shot, which grazes Elizabeth, and then her father finishes his story – this has happened before and is the reason for Elizabeth’s amnesia about her mother. Felix is Mrs Pendleton is disguise and the servants are caught while trying to escape. That evening the three celebrate and Elizabeth suggests to Sarah ‘Perhaps one day you will be my new mother!’
Page 19

...Yet Another Teacher For Molly! (Nightmare)
Conman jack applies for tutor job but when he gets there turns out they are vampires?/cannibals? and he is the main course.
Page 24

Whistle And I'll Come...:Part 4
Toni hides in abandoned house but is accosted by other tramps who try and steal from her, but Albert sees them off and takes her to a baker where although she wrestles with her conscience (‘No, Albert! I can’t just take one, that's stealing!’) she is so hungry she does – but baker sees her in mirror.
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