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Misty Issue 43

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Date:November 25th, 1978

Whistle And I'll Come...
Toni is beaten by her stepdad, so skips school as doesn’t want it reported, goes down to docks with dog Albert and finds him involved in dodgy dealings, but is seen and chased, Albert stops to protect her and is hit by car and dies, kindly man helps bury him and Toni is alone (but ghost Albert appears on grave).
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Midnight Masquerader:Part 7
Sarah convinces Lizzie that Mrs P must be second wife and that Felix is not magic, and sees Mrs Stubbs and gamekeeper taking food into tower so assumes he is there, when they get back to hall Mrs P wants to know why lessons have not started.
Page 10

Hush, Hush, Sweet Rachel:Part 2
Lisa has nightmare and behaves like a baby next day in school, confronts woman (Mrs Prendergast) who says she will come and talk to her parents following evening, Lisa goes to fair with friends determined to enjoy herself before finding out whatever terrible news it is.
Page 16

In Oceantown people come and go often, new student Shelley is very slow and gets in trouble for tearing up school vegetable patch, doesn’t notice enormous storm one night and we are shown trail of slime as she is revealed to be a snail
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The Queen's Hair
Middle-ages, cruel Queen Elida has no hair due to illness when young, out hunting she is given hairband by old crone that will make her hair grow if she wears it for 24 hours, no more, and it works but she forgets and hair grows out of control, and witch has died in cold dungeon, it takes over palace and kills her ‘She brought about her own downfall by becoming a prisoner of her own hair.’
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