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Misty Issue 42

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Hush, Hush, Sweet Rachel

Date:November 18th, 1978

Hush, Hush, Sweet Rachel
Lisa sees a strange woman watching her, at school she is kind to Fat Rosie even though Rosie doesn’t like her, she is sent to check time and woman still watching her, when Lisa reports on time she acts childlike, and asks woman if she can help her, she says not sure, that night Lisa has nightmare of trapped child.
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Sea Demon
Ship finds survivor Wendy floating in sea, she tells tale of Gorr, a sea demon who disguised himself and came on her family’s yacht and wrecked it, she convinces them not to pick up any more survivors, but revealed she is the demon.
Page 8

End Of The Line...:Part 14
Ann and Lucy locked in cage and father put back to work, when police tunnel busts through ceiling and falling rocks kill Lord Vicary. Workers are to be rehabilitated and sent to an island, Ann promises to keep it all a secret, and her father returns home and her mum claims that she wasn’t going to marry Neville anyway. Ann’s final thought ‘And good riddance to creepy Neville Chandler!’
Page 12

The Haunting Of Hazel Brown:Part 2
Hazel catches Ruth planting the glove, Ruth says she only did it once, because Hazel is everyone’s favourite. Glove continues to stalk Hazel, walking on its own, and they find name inside of driver that caused her disability. Hazel says her fault for running into the road, and he died – but Ruth thinks to herself that is was actually her fault, for chasing Hazel into road. Throws glove in fire – but gloves come in pairs!
Page 16

Midnight Masquerader:Part 6
Sarah hears Felix’s conversation with Lizzie and that he wants to get rid of her, goes through his secret door and finds clothes, as well as a portrait of grown-up Lizzie; next day Mrs Pendleton says Sarah must go, despite Lizzie’s objections, Sarah takes Lizzie out for day to copse where she has found gravestone of real Mrs Pendleton and shows it to her.
Page 21

Voices In The Wind
Janice lives with her guardian surrounded by nature, gardening couple have been ripping her off by selling flowers, but she catches them and fires them and goes to get new hearing aid, while she is out they decide to chop down her plans to teach her lesson but are sucked into the shrubbery (faces shown on trunks in picture)
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