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Misty Issue 41

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The Revenge Of Granny Godber

Date:November 11th, 1978

The Haunting Of Hazel Brown
Disabled Hazel is bullied by her older sister Ruth and keeps finding a strange brown glove everywhere she goes, Ruth throws it in the river but next day it turns up on doorstep.
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End Of The Line...:Part 13
Lucy and Ann trick watchmen by pretending to be ghosts and rescue her dad and the newspaper men, head for surface where police are boring into ground having found smashed camera and photo of Lord Vicary on the tracks, but they are betrayed by worker who has overheard them and Vicary stops them.
Page 8

Birds Of A Feather...
Girl finds a small girl being bullied and stops it but child is not grateful, girl warns her of devil cult on hill, she goes up there that night and stops them sacrificing a chicken to her ‘Uncle’, who opens crack in ground and takes them to hell, and child takes chicken back down for girl to be her friend ‘she is too good and kind to be my friend but I feel she will ever be yours.’
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The Revenge Of Granny Godber
Gang of girls bully old woman in street and smash up her shopping, she goes home to garden and as she picks flowers they all feel excruciating pains in legs, and then next day notice their faces begin to wither like flowers. Direct address at end ‘You won’t bully strange old women in the street, will you, girls? Who knows what kind of gardens they might have?’
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Midnight Masquerader:Part 5
Lizzie does not remember who is in grave, husband’s relative come to see him but told he is away on business and will not see ‘that creature’ (his wife) who is very angry with Sarah when she tries to tell her about Felix, Sarah spies on Lizzie that night and sees that Felix is real.
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My Friend George...
Myra has a poltergeist in her room, parents don’t believe her until he literally turns room upside down.
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