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Misty Issue 40

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Midnight Masquerader

Date:November 4th, 1978

The Cats Of Carey Street:Part 11
Jackie’s gran comes home and cats let her out to meet her, Marion arrives with reporter Miss Rook who says she cannot print story but a TV programme is interested in it, cats leave house and gather under lamppost, turning into people of Carey Street past and then vanishing, Gran is pleased to see them all and says she can die in peace now.
Page 3

The Clock Maker's Daughter
Hans makes wonderful clocks and lives happily with his daughter Hylda, robbers come for money and push her over cliff, he recovers body and when villagers come to bear witness to the murder she is fine, revealed ‘You are my greatest clockwork achievement’.
Page 8

Midnight Masquerader:Part 4
Lizzie and Felix visit her father who is secret prisoner in tower, next days she falls asleep in lesson; Sarah takes blame for a smashed vase and gets maid on her side, and allows Lizzie to put flowers on unmarked grave again.
Page 12

The Chase
One of two goldfish found dead in tank, [anonymous] girl looks in at other and is sucked into tank where he chases her and bites her leg, mum wakes her up and says just a nightmare but then she realises cut on her leg is real and can hear her mum in next room about to be sucked into tank.
Page 16

My Brother Martin
Narrator Lainey looks after her brother but he injures himself in a barn, she goes to get help and they carry him out and then find her body as well
Page 20

End Of The Line...:Part 12
Anne is taken on as a maid with Lucy and they become friends, police up in real world are continuing investigations, Anne convinces Lucy to take her to find her Dad.
Page 22

Miss T:Part 40
Page 27

Buried Treasure
Group of friends given treasure map in antique shop, go digging there and release spirit of warlock to terrorise the town
Page 29