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Misty Issue 4

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Date:February 25th, 1978

The Sentinels:Part 4
Jan and Sally escape from net thrown down from helicopter by going down manhole cover into sewers, Sally tells her that Jan’s dad and Sally’s brother (now dead) were Partisans and they use the sewers like roads, they are attacked by rats but Tiger sacrifices himself to hold them back, run to Sally’s house to hide from ‘Special Security’ her parents decide to inform she is there and Jan finds paper showing the history where Nazis won WW2 and Britain has been occupied before they were born, Sally shows her national flag – a Union Jack with swastika centre.
Page 3

The Cult Of The Cat:Part 4
Nicola’s friends ask why she ran away, cut to Ancient Egypt and high priestess getting impatient, Charmian transforms back into human (three panel sequence, using hood); class trip to British Museum and Nicola sees her ring on finger of statue and is told it is given to priestesses of this cult to help them transform; Charmian appears and reassures Nicola by taking ring off and on but Nicola is scared of her.
Page 7

The Dummy (Nightmare)
Bertie the dummy introduces tale (‘Hello, boys and girls’) with jokes (‘I’ve a kind face. ‘What kind’, did I hear you say? Well it was the wrong kind for Rhoda…’ and tells her story – father thinks more of his dummies than of her so she wishes on lucky rabbit’s foot that Beattie (fairy in his act, tricks us into thinking is real at first) gives her, ‘I wish Dad loved me as much as he does Bertie and Samantha’, and is transformed into a dummy, but this proves to be a nightmare and when she wakes he comes in to say he’s realised he doesn’t spend enough time with her (had same nightmare) and they go out to spend day together while Bertie winks at us
Page 12

Heaven Is A Hummingbird...
Lynn and big sister Karen have moved to West Indies island from Birmingham which Lynn loves and Karen hates, Lynn has accident picking flowers for her sister and loses her sight, hummingbird guides her up mountain and her sight is restored by seeing a rainbow ‘Your hummingbird and the mountain have worked a miracle, Lynn. And I’ve been blind, too, in a way… But I’ll see things differently from now on!’ (use of colour)
Page 16

The Monkey's Claw
Ginny gives last penny to organ grinder, goes to live with kind aunt but one day discover her dead with door locked from inside, poisoned by deadly venom, Ginny becomes more nervous and sad, and sees the organ grinder’s monkey in her room one night, realises the scratch has come from his paws and screams, grinder shakes monkey paw for job well done and gets poisoned himself as Ginny had been wearing gloves in bed due to sore hands
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Paint It Black:Part 4
Maggie is told that style of painting identical to Maria Thursby, famous Victorian girl artist and whose family owned large derelict house, goes to see buyer’s grandmother who refuses to believe she painted it due to historical detail in picture and points out small face at window, Maggie goes to investigate that room in house
Page 23

Moonchild:Part 4
Rosemary bends needle to get out of booster injections, nurse notices glowing scar on her forehead, Dawn starts to be friendly towards her but Anne is suspicious and warns her, mother says she cannot go to Dr, Rosemary has nightmare of flames and all her classmates laughing at her, goes to find mother but sees something shocking
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