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Misty Issue 39

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The Cats Of Carey Street

Date:October 28th, 1978

The Cats Of Carey Street:Part 10
Cats prevent Jackie from leaving house, Marion arrives and thinks she is trapped in there, Gran overhears in hospital that she is going to die and cats arrive to lead her out and take her place in bed so she won’t be missed.
Page 3

Mask Of Fear
Sue is looking for a Halloween costume to win first prize again, but she and mother have to go and look after their Uncle Henry, she steals a key from him and finds a creepy mask in his locked room which she wears and wins first prize. But when she tries to remove it there is another underneath, and another, and another…
Page 8

A Little Bit Of Magic
Mrs Molloy is driving and picks up a girl who claims she can fly, hides her from villagers and when they get to cliff top she takes off as a beautiful swan ‘and perhaps a little bit of magic is just what this sad old world needs’
Page 12

Midnight Masquerader:Part 3
Sarah follows Lizzie and sees her putting flowers on unmarked grave which rouses her sympathy so doesn’t tell her mother about her trick. Felix becomes jealous and says she cannot be friends with both of them, and they go to visit ‘him’.
Page 16

Dressed To Kill!
Nancy and friends go to a fancy dress party where Nancy wants to win prize (despite not making her outfit) and spies Brenda who told tales on her before, follows her into room and Brenda (in spider costume) eats Nancy (dressed as fly).
Page 20

Miss T:Part 39
Page 27

Room For One More
Bully Julia and her gang steal fruit and she mugs a shopkeeper then runs out into road, narrowly missed by car, gets on passing empty bus and then sees her own body in road and realises bus is headed for ‘HELL’
Page 28