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Misty Issue 38

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Date:October 21st, 1978

The Cats Of Carey Street:Part 9
Jackie goes home to protect house and finds cats fighting to stall the developers. Reporter’s story is crushed by editor in league with Council men. Jackie goes into her house and they try and trick her out by telling her gran is dead, but cats stop her by scratching and hissing at her.
Page 3

Two Of A Kind
Erica inherits money from her Uncle Charlie but her twin Dana is jealous and plots to take it by telling everyone she is leaving and pretending to be Erica, and poisons her, but then when claiming money is recognised as girl who pushed him off cliff (did Erica do this then?)
Page 8

The Ghost Writer
Frame of writer writing ghost story, set in 1968 in which Jane finds a walking stick and when she returns to her house hears ghost of man from 1764 asking for it, who in turn thinks she is a ghost. Ends on question where does writer get ideas for his stories? And image of Tudor Museum.
Page 12

Midnight Masquerader:Part 2
Sarah goes into Lizzie’s room but Feliz has hidden, next day she asks her to draw a picture of him and they then go for a punt on the lake and Lizzie tells Sarah Felix got rid of her Dad, then vaults off the boat onto bank and Sarah falls in.
Page 16

End Of The Line...:Part 11
Ann confronts Lord Vicary and he admits he tricked his servants into coming underground and has kept them working for him until humanity kills itself off. Police find Ann’s hair slide in tunnel. Lucy, Vicary’s maid, brings Ann food (Ann worries it could be drugged) and says she must come with her.
Page 20

Food For Though (b)
Jane’s family move into new estate house with garden and although her father initially uninterested, he starts gardening, but any veg they sell is bitter, those that they give away are fine though. Loses his job and school start to buy his veg, which now tastes fine since they need the money, Jane concludes ghost of his grandfather living on through him.
Page 24

Miss T:Part 38
Page 27

Fangs For The Memory
Sylvia lives in swamp with father and is kind to its creatures, vampire arrives one night and wants her to show him way out of swamp (but intends to kill her) and she does, but firefly she has helped helps her in return by setting a light trap for him
Page 28