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Misty Issue 37

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Midnight Masquerader

Date:October 14th, 1978

The Cats Of Carey Street:Part 8
Lady is a reporter and wants to write a story about them to get public sympathy, after they have had tea together Gran collapses and Jackie runs for phone box, finally finding an unvandalised one with help from cats, she is taken to hospital and told she will have to stay there and Jackie despairs.
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Linda is ugly and teased for it, and meets old woman who gives her magic mirror that will make her beautiful, but warns her not to let any harm come to it – she blossoms but is still rude and snobbish, and argues with her mum who slams door breaking mirror –next morning she wakes up and her face is distorted like cracked mirror ‘After all, would you want to face yourself every morning, like this…
Page 8

Fairy Gold (Nightmare)
In medieval England, rude peasant Agnes tries to steal fairy gold and avoids some of their tricks, but falls asleep in their land and time passes more quickly outside, she escapes with gold but is old and dies trying to get back into fairyland
Page 12

Midnight Masquerader
Governess Sarah sent to Pendleton Manor against wishes of lady of the house, discovers her daughter Lizzie refers to a strange friend Felix and never sees the master of house, Felix appears to Lizzie at night and Sarah hears voices from her bedroom and goes to investigate.
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Lift To Limbo
In 1900 London Beth works in a sweatshop sewing, wants to leave early to visit her great aunt but is too late and sees creepy hearse pass her, family go on holiday with money left to them and a ‘special gift’ is mentioned, bellhop in lift uses same wording to Beth and they don’t get in lift, which falls and kills everyone in it.
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Miss T:Part 37
Page 27

End Of The Line...:Part 10
Ann falls into a large tank which fills with water and she climbs out. Finds her father in a large underground village full of labourers, but then is caught.
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