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Misty Issue 36

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You Can't Cheat Tomorrow

Date:October 7th, 1978

The Cats Of Carey Street:Part 7
Cats get Marian to come and save Jackie in the nick of time, they return to her gran’s house and find a strange woman there with her.
Page 3

Happy Families
Fiona’s arguing parents break down in car and seek shelter in deserted house, she goes off to explore and is bitten by vampire (unseen except reaching arm; glittering eyes once she turns), in turn bites her family and narrates that she is now waiting for them to wake up so they can be ‘the perfect family’.
Page 8

End Of The Line...:Part 9
Ann is caught by men but escapes when a guard interrupts and they take him instead, she follows, past skeletons and rats, and then falls while climbing down shaft.
Page 12

The Smile Of An Angel...
Jenny’s scuba club are looking for a wreck, she is warned away by ghostly figure called angel, next day looks again and her leg gets trapped but then she is freed by figurehead falling and realises this is the girls she saw and boat is called The Angel and vows not to tell.
Page 16

You Can't Cheat Tomorrow
Rachel is given crystal ball by gypsy and warned not to try and see her own fortune, but eventually does and sees car crash, goes out to stop it and is hit by car as she foresaw, after funeral crystal ball is thrown away.
Page 20

Hard Harry's Last Game
Hard Harry has escaped from jail and is hiding under pier, woken by children and convinced to play their game, ends up trapped in quicksand just like they have been over the years.
Page 22

A Leap Through Time...:Part 7
Elena and friends enter the arena but they are too scared to help distract the bull, earthquake splits the ground and King sets them free as it seems the will of bull god; then a massive earthquake breaks apart the arena and Elena is hit on head and wakes up back in her own time; pendant is smashed but she still has gymnastic skill, and final panel shows the bull dancers watching her with aid of a mystic and pleased she is happy now in her world.
Page 27