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Misty Issue 35

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Date:September 30th, 1978

The Cats Of Carey Street:Part 6
Jackie tells friend at school about the cats, remembers that the people of street used to take them in and wonders if they are repaying this kindness; is accosted by gang on way home, runs away but trips and falls unconscious in building that is about to be destroyed.
Page 3

The Girl Who Walked On Water (Nightmare)
Nan is a problem child, sent to Ms West’s house and continues to be mean, sees girl walking on water and forces her to tell her how, and takes her magic shoes, but then realises that they will make her sink on sand and girl tells her she is now free and Nancy will have to stay at sea until another girl comes.
Page 8

End Of The Line...:Part 8
Ann finds out that Lord was a scientist who thought mould had the secret of eternal life, escapes from mum and Neville, sneaks onto coach to London and goes down into tunnels with torch, about to be grabbed by Victorian men.
Page 12

The Ever-Open Door
Marianne on school trip to castle she claims was owned by her ancestor, told legend of ever-opening door from when he tried to wall up heir to fortune, argues with the guide and sent back to coach but sneaks into room and door finally closes behind her, when class look in they find skeleton that is never identified and she is never seen again.
Page 16

A Girl For All Seasons
Emily is popular at school but her personality is changeable with every season, finally she runs out of house and is found dead in clearing with hues of autumn in her hair and dress.
Page 20

The Bitter Tale Of Sweet Lucy (Nightmare)
Lucy runs away from her keepers and is taken in by kindly family, sits near the fire and melts and her keepers reveal she was a waxwork with a soul.
Page 22

A Leap Through Time...:Part 6
Elena and girls escape down tunnel, make it to docks but then recaptured as all sea is far out because the bull god is angry, Elena realises the tide is so far out because another earthquake is coming.
Page 28