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Misty Issue 34

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Date:September 23rd, 1978

The Cats Of Carey Street:Part 5
Jackie falls asleep at school and dreams cats are helping them, gets home and gang have stolen their money, she chases them and they split up, but cats help her follow one and trap him in house and he returns money to her, and she realises cats are on their side.
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Dead End! (Nightmare)
Cath Clarke is a bully at school with unwilling accomplice Jane, when she leave school takes to mugging old lady who runs away into road and is hit by bus, Jane and Cath start to see her ghost and Cath goes for job interview and old lady answers door, she runs into road and is hit by same bus, revealed that lady is twin sister.
Page 8

End Of The Line...:Part 7
Ann plays along in sanatorium and is taken out for day by mum and boyfriend, says she wants to go to Vicary Hall, and sees portrait of Lord Sefton (mad scientist owner) who died 100 years ago – eyeless picture, like the man she has seen on underground line.
Page 12

A Leap Through Time...:Part 5
Girls work as a team to save Elena, they continue to train to work together to confuse bull (and back in real world schoolgirls go to arena competition and miss her), but an earthquake means the king thinks gods are angry and moves the dance forward to next day.
Page 16

The Last Esmeraldo
Toni is from family of high wire performers but is scared and dreams of falling every night, when her mother falls and dies her father makes her take on act, she tries to run away but he catches her and takes her to perform, wire breaks and he slips and revealed to us that her friend Cracko the clown set this up to stop him destroying her, but Toni says that now he is dead she must always do the high wire for she is the last of the family.
Page 21

Don't Look Now!
Nosy Jennifer prys into everyone’s business, man comes into pawn shop where she works and leaves glasses, she tries them on and sees everyone as an animal; when he returns he says she can only take them off if he can have her soul (Satan) or she can keep them on forever and shows her herself, as an ass/donkey.
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