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Misty Issue 32

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The Cats Of Carey Street

Date:September 9th, 1978

The Cats Of Carey Street:Part 3
‘Slum Demons’ gang on street to nick copper/lead, see Jackie and decide to scare her, bang on house, cats about to pounce but then they leave to get on with their stealing, and council man makes them an offer.
Page 3

Last Encounters...
Family on spaceship, recurring dream of landing on a planet and being thrown into air by a quake, turns out they land on earth and are tiny, man wakes and throws their ship into air thinking it a kid’s toy – ‘…not all spaceships are gigantic!’
Page 7

The Black Widow:Part 13
Sadie smashes everything and all the spiders escape, they tell the police who take them to London where giant spider is wreaking havoc. Ms Webb vows revenge and police send Sadie and Freda back to face her.
Page 12

A Leap Through Time...:Part 3
Elena realises she is there to train the bull dancers like her ancestor and has some of her power via pendant, and the process is like vaulting the horse in gym, says they must learn together, but Iris cannot catch her.
Page 18

End Of The Line...:Part 5
Mum tries to take Ann to a sanatorium but she jumps out of car and goes to newspaper who confirm reporters’ car found near entrance to tunnel and convince police to let her investigate, goes down into tunnel and mysterious Victorian men hear them coming.
Page 22

Miss T:Part 32
Page 26

Elmo's Revenge
Paula steals book from neighbour Old Wanda who is said to be witch, sells it to Uncle, but knocks over a vase and Wanda slips and falls, cat begins to follow Paula about and she runs into road, hit by car, and Wanda takes over her body.
Page 29