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Misty Issue 30

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Date:August 26th, 1978

The Cats Of Carey Street
Jackie’s gran refuses to move from house on deserted Carey Street, which is scheduled for demolition.
Page 3

The Four Faces Of Eve:Part 11
Eve dragged into house as detective watches/listens, and Mr Marshall says they are going to kill her, Mrs Marshall agrees to help her escape but he overhears, as they drive off in car Eve grabs wheel and sends it over cliff.
Page 7

The Black Widow:Part 11
Miss Webb commands spiders to crawl on them but then stops them with pendant. Police begin to piece together connections. Workmen working on blocked drain find giant spider. Miss Webb says her next target is the Government.
Page 11

Miss T:Part 30
Page 18

End Of The Line...:Part 3
Ann pulls emergency stop cord and gets in trouble with police and reporters, visits friend of her father’s who tells her there was a previous tunnel there (Prince Albert Line) that collapsed.
Page 21

A Leap Through Time...
Bookworm Elena is in Crete with school, wanders off to ruins after being teased for not being athletic enough, imagines herself in past as a bull dancer and demonstrates gymnastic skills in present as well as holding onto crystal bull charm thrown to her in her vision. They leave island and she feels sad…
Page 27