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Misty Issue 29

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The Last Laugh

Date:August 19th, 1978

The Four Faces Of Eve:Part 10
Eve wonders if she is made up of three diff girls, passers-by think she’s a busker and she does some singing and makes some money, goes into cinema to watch Frankenstein and hide out ‘Poor thing… I never realised before what a sad film this really is.’ And leaves early, then goes back to cottage to get some clothes etc, followed by detective who thinks there could be more loot in it for him, she overheads Marshalls confirm she is made from dead girls and then Gerry captures her (calls her ‘It’) again and says best to destroy her.
Page 3

End Of The Line...:Part 2
Ann has another nightmare and goes back on Windsor line and sees her father again, being beaten.
Page 7

Take Two (Beasts)
Mandy and Trudy go swimming, attacked and eaten one by one by shark, film director shouts cut but then actor with mechanical shark appears and he realises they have really been killed
Page 13

Hold Tight, Please!
June and Gail go to disco against her mother’s best judgement and promise to be home on time, taking her grandfather’s watch with them, but miss last bus and get on mysterious ghostly one (pre-decimal fare and a conductor) – they jump off and make it home and see grandfather’s watch also presented by that bus company
Page 16

The Black Widow:Part 10
Freda and Sadie break into Miss Webb’s house and decide she is a fake (nylon web at entrance, using medium), they free her spiders, which start to attack them; Miss Webb comes home and catches them.
Page 22

Miss T:Part 29
Page 27

The Last Laugh (Nightmare)
Ann goes to stay with cousin Sally on farm, who plays mean tricks on her, but appears to be scared of local legend of ancestor in gibbet and farm, so Ann starts reading there to avoid her, and opens locked room and finds moving chained body, runs away and it is revealed to be Sally, but she has wakened real spirit…
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