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Misty Issue 28

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The Black Widow

Date:August 12th, 1978

The Black Widow:Part 9
Special Forces warn police not to go looking for spiders; Miss Webb puts spider in baby’s pram but mother finds it and kills it; Freda hypnotises Sadie into coming back to Miss Webb’s house with her.
Page 3

The Jukebox
Stacey and friends hang out at local café dancing to jukebox, she invites Ned a gypsy but others kick him out and he puts curse on them making them dance mindlessly, she runs to his camp and smashes crystal ball which kills everyone there.
Page 7

The Visitors
Susan runs away as poor aunt and uncle cannot afford to keep her, throws coin into wishing well and aliens appear who tell her they are trapped there; they put ancient coins in her bag and when police find her they become rich, and she buys chessboard for aliens.
Page 16

The Four Faces Of Eve:Part 9
Carol says Mr Marshall was also dr at same hospital. Marshalls hire someone to find Eve and go to circus, she runs away from them and they follow (with another Dr, Gerry, who calls her ‘it’), then she sees a Frankenstein’s Monster poster and wonders if that is the answer.
Page 21

End Of The Line...
Ann and her mother go to grand opening of new train tunnel where her father died in a collapse, as train goes into darkness she sees him in rags working with other men, faints and is taken to hospital where they dismiss what she saw.
Page 28