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Misty Issue 26

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Date:July 29th, 1978

The Black Widow:Part 7
Sadie lets spider go, Miss Webb sends them on another mission to get at Professor through his baby, but they are mugged by bullies on way who ask them to empty their pockets.
Page 3

Safe Until Morning (Beasts)
Rita bored on camping holiday with parents, falls in lake but monster watching her lifts her out, and then scares away potential muggers, and retreats back into depths, next day she is found and family decide to go home having looked for Loch Ness Monster for weeks without a trace.
Page 7

Journey Into Fear...:Part 13
Kev and Jan get home and tell parents, who hide them from their little brother Mark, Dad calls a medium who sees the backstory of car and the drownings of the Kid and Ivy, tells them it is evil, Mark walks home from friend’s house and car appears behind him on the common.
Page 12

Titch's Tale... (Beasts)
Titch is teased for being small, goes up to hill to fly kites with others one day and they all start to vanish, pulled up into air, revealed aliens are fishing but she is so small they throw her back.
Page 16

Miss T:Part 26
Page 20

What's On The Other Side? (Nightmare)
Witch escapes in medieval times and travels to future where she possesses disobedient Peggy while she watches TV and traps her on other side.
Page 22

The Four Faces Of Eve:Part 7
Eve stays with Carol and the circus while parents look for her, fortuneteller reads her fortune and says head and hands tell her different things, as if she is two people, and also that her lifeline has ended.
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