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Misty Issue 25

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Curse Of Gantreth House...

Date:July 22nd, 1978

The Four Faces Of Eve:Part 6
Circus clown Carol asks Eve’s parents if she can come backstage, they say no and that she is having another operation. Eve meets old lady who faints and shows her picture of her dead granddaughter Lucy who dies at Barton General Hospital. Carol bumps into Eve and reveals she was at same hospital and helps her hide from parents by dressing her up as a clown.
Page 3

Song Of Petina
Beggar orphan Petina begs king to stop hunting and he adopts her and agrees, but is goaded into it by his soldiers, and when they shoot a bird she disappears and a dead dove is found in her bed
Page 7

Journey Into Fear...:Part 12
Car drives them into cave and they find loot from Kid’s robbery. Escape by climbing up onto cliff top and push rocks down onto it.
Page 12

Curse Of Gantreth House...
Sara is maid in 1913 in Gantreth House, shelters raven and an ancient curse enacted through her, and the family all die and house is levelled to ground.
Page 16

Watch Your Step!
Spoilt Della goes to stay with cousins in the country and criticises it, ignores Old Ben who tells her stories of fairies, and then is scared into shock as she takes a shortcut through the wood and sees Ben covered in fairies (revealed after to be fireflies), taken home by her parents.
Page 23

The Black Widow:Part 6
Sadie has another nightmare, in trouble at school and realises she has been hypnotised, Freda tries to bargain with Black Widow, they realise the paralysing spider is missing and it is with Sadie.
Page 28