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Misty Issue 24

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The Pet Shop

Date:July 15th, 1978

The Four Faces Of Eve:Part 5
Eve has waking vision of airplane and girl from it, parents decide she will need another operation to get rid of nightmares, and find her with the photo of dead girl criminal and wonder if she suspects, but decide to take her to the circus first as a treat. Girl from hospital sees Eve but doesn’t have time to talk to her, and another lady sees her and nearly faints thinking she is the ghost of her granddaughter.
Page 3

A Spell Of Trouble (Nightmare)
Queen Senga is tired of everyone saying she is too young so banishes all old women from city to starve, and demands potion to make herself older, but drinks too much and becomes old crone and is kicked out of city to be eaten by wolves (in image).
Page 7

Journey Into Fear...:Part 11
Janice tries to turn them in but deaf man in café doesn’t hear her, she shows Kev photo from wallet he has stolen from Dad and he comes round, but car is driving them towards Hangman’s Cove, where the Kid and Ivy met their deaths.
Page 12

The Pet Shop (Beasts)
Rude Vivien and Steve get a mouse from a pet shop to try in their maze, but forget about it and it dies of exhaustion, they return it and are taken to see owners of shop who are apes and lock them in a maze.
Page 16

Miss T:Part 24
Page 20

When The Rain Falls...
Marcus and Amanda are slaves sold in market and separated, one night they both escape and are confronted by lions, but hear mysterious voice that takes them to the ark as it begins to rain…
Page 23

The Black Widow:Part 5
Freda and Sadie (Tara ‘n’ Tula) go on mission to attack General Bullivant, pretend to have found his dog and bring a spider in that bites him and paralyses him. Sadie sees this in news in evening and feels uncannily familiar.
Page 28