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Misty Issue 23

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Don't Look Back...In Anger!

Date:July 8th, 1978

The Four Faces Of Eve:Part 4
Parents show her birth certificate that was blank in safe and she realises they are lying, send her out while police come but she sneaks back in and overhears, decides she must be the dead girl they are talking about, but with plastic surgery.
Page 3

Master-Stroke (Nightmare)
Panicked peasant girl running through village away from black knight executing people, told he is controlled by the ‘Master’, at end discovers she is a piece in a chess game
Page 7

Journey Into Fear...:Part 10
Jan goes to museum and finds out more about The Kid, Kev meets her outside with gun he has stolen from museum, she nearly shoots a traffic warden by accident, and they drive off with police chasing them, past their worried and confused parents.
Page 11

Wrong Station
Kirsty is learning about WW2 and elderly neighbour says she will tell her, but then falls ill so Kirsty gets train to visit her in hospital but gets off at closed station where people are sheltering from bombs, is given sandwich and brooch by kindly women and then saved by underground staff, she later realises this was is her neighbour who died that afternoon.
Page 16

Don't Look Back...In Anger!
Girls go to haunted manor at full moon for a bet, see vampire and are terrified, revealed to us that it is demolition man dressed up and scaring away teenagers ‘Warning signs never worked, but this idea, had proved a real winner. […] Kids’ll believe anything. Except the truth!’
Page 20

Where There's A Will... (Beasts)
Maid Molly pretends to be nice to her mistress and pet hamsters so she will change her will (but actually destroys her letters to/from her son), and then withholds her medication so she dies, and tries to drown hamsters, but they escape and eat the new will.
Page 22

The Black Widow:Part 4
Sadie and Freda, now nicknamed Tara and Tula (Tarantula) leave, Sadie remembers nothing, Freda can trigger her with words ‘You Creep’ and she releases spiders in class and returns to house with Freda, Miss Webb shows them electronic map that shows location of all her spiders.
Page 28