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Misty Issue 22

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The Day The Sky Grew Dark...

Date:July 1st, 1978

The Four Faces Of Eve:Part 3
Eve doesn’t get any answer to questions and not allowed to see anyone, that eve has same nightmare, goes to find safe burgled and a blank birth certificate inside, leaves a print on safe and police identify it as belonging to a dead girl who died in car accident.
Page 3

The School Of The Lost...:Part 10
Jenny is dragged towards chapel but all the girls appear at windows (having not taken drugged drink) and tell their parents to stop, eventually parents turn on Head and demon appears and chapel catches fire. They cast all their ill-gotten riches (cars etc) into the chapel fire, Head goes in and it collapses and school burns down and Jenny, Antonia and Darlene leave ‘friends for life’.
Page 7

Journey Into Fear...:Part 9
Kev escapes exploding barn in car, Jen stays with old man but he dies as police get there. She returns to derelict house looking for Kev, and two children playing gangster there tell her it used to be a real hide-out – of The Kid and his sister, show her picture of them with car, and she realises it is reliving its evil/haunted past.
Page 12

The Day The Sky Grew Dark... (Beasts)
Tatum sent to live with Uncle Maxwell in his creepy silent house, discovers he is keeping birds in cellar and experimenting to gain power of flight, they escape and peck him to death, she answers phone and says ‘right now… he’s feeding the birds’
Page 16

A Date...With Destiny (Nightmare)
Karen dreams about grappling with a stranger and falling off a cliff while running away, wakes and reveals she is in wheelchair. Taken to clinic for ‘miracle’ treatment and realises it is the one from her dream, bursts into tears as dr says she can’t wait to run along them.
Page 22

The Black Widow:Part 3
Frieda and Sadie trapped in web at Miss Webb’s house, mechanical spider comes and carries them to her, she threatens them and they hand over spider, she says they will be part of her plan for revenge on chemical testing labs that caused her husband’s death, and hypnotises Sadie when she refuses.
Page 28