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Misty Issue 20

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In A Broken Dream

Date:June 17th, 1978

The Black Widow
Black Widow summons the spiders to her. In science class Sadie drops spider she is given to hold, as scared of them and that night sees meteor shower, goes out to investigate and treads on one in tube, takes to teacher to identify and overnight it grows double in size.
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Seal Of Secrecy (Beasts)
Margaret is forbidden to swim in sea by her dad as her mother drowned, but longs to – one day meets a girl in cove by her house but when she tells her dad he forbids her, telling her she is a Silkie – a seal that takes on human form to lure people to their death. Girl returns and Margaret goes into water with her, but revealed that Margaret is the Silkie, like her mother before her, and story ends with girl’s family waiting for her.
Page 7

Journey Into Fear...:Part 7
Car takes Janice home but Kevin jumps in and doesn’t speak or recognise her, ram raids a shop and steals 30s clothing, and then drives to deserted house here he finds the original car numberplates below the floorboards EVL1.
Page 12

The School Of The Lost...:Part 8
Jenny kept in sick bay but Antonia brings her fruit and she writes a secret message in lemon juice on her thank you note and Antonia helps her escape, but Darlene finds her while hiding out at a deserved barn.
Page 16

In A Broken Dream
Olive is rich and has no happiness so starts thwarting other people’s dreams, e.g. making girl miss pop concert, buying necklace another wants – and is threatened by dream Maker who will haunt her sleep – 2am and she dare not sleep…
Page 20

Alien Seed
Libby has to go stay with her boring uncle in holidays, he is growing a special plant from prehistoric seed, it turns out to be carnivorous with a drug-like scent and she chops it down to save him. He doesn’t believe her and she is sent home, and final panel shows more growing.
Page 22

The Four Faces Of Eve
[No Narration] Eve wakes up from dream of a plane crash, which she has been having in hospital since house fire accident. Nobody is allowed to see her, though girl from nearby circus drops in and is removed, and parents will tell her nothing of previous life, and are not affectionate, take her out of hospital in middle of night to their new house. ‘Then there is something terrible in my past… Was I responsible for that girl’s death – the girl in my dream?’
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