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Misty Issue 2

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Date:February 11th, 1978

The Sentinels:Part 2
Jan sees fire in school but next day fine; her mother encounters Other Jan – reader fooled on p5.
Page 3

The Cult Of The Cat:Part 2
Nicola develops cat habits – wants milk, scares school hamsters, afraid of water in diving competition.
Page 7

Paint It Black:Part 2
[Maggie’s picture similar to cover girl] Maggie believes picture of a real girl, tries to paint another, abstract panel of process, produces picture of house
Page 12

Terror Wore Blue!
Peta has nightmares about being caught in hurricane in arctic waste. Great use of fragmented splash page and colour to delineate dream/real world. Peta swept off beach into blue sea despite fears, wakes up in hospital in blue ward, saved by yacht called blue dolphin, these things happen once in a blue moon ‘the prophecy’s worked itself out now’
Page 16

The Fetch (Nightmare)
Spoilt Anita boasts about wealth, then father made redundant, has dream of going to ball in hearse/coffin shaped panel that then seems to come true, but hearse is at wrong house – sees error of her ways and gives away ball tickets to friend
Page 18

Cave Of Dread (Beasts)
Steffie overcomes her phobia of furry things and saves her friend in cave of bats, wins respect of bullies
Page 23

Miss T:Part 2
Page 27

Moonchild:Part 2
Norma vows revenge on Rosemary for getting her into trouble (Oath to Love Honour and Obey). Rosemary realises she has power by saving her friend Anne from being hit by lorry.
Page 28