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Misty Issue 14

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Web Of Lies

Date:May 6th, 1978

The School Of The Lost...:Part 2
Jenny is picked on by other girls and then sees them throw a book belonging to one of the others up into ivy on the chapel, climbs it to give it back, and sees someone in hood chanting and placing her photo on the altar.
Page 3

Paint It Black:Part 14
Maggie changes mind and refuses to give up paints and Amy’s picture, paints some more and sees Mr Thursby viewing Amy’s drawings. Her father returns and says he has fantastic news from Mr Thursby.
Page 7

Web Of Lies
Mean Rita tells lies and annoys Denise who visits old Mrs Black. Rita takes her place one night having told Denise Mrs Black is a black widow and killed her husband. Finds herself trapped in webs in garden and newsagent finds note that says ‘gone out to eat’.
Page 11

Stone Cold Revenge
Leslie is angry because her father spent his bonus on garden gnomes rather than the record player she wanted and so kicks one and breaks it. Tricks start happening with others which she gets blamed for, and then when her parents are out an army of them attack her and leave her catatonic. Unreassuring final panel of gnome in dark garden.
Page 12

Day Of The Dragon:Part 5
Shih Yu interrupts ceremony but is killed, Chen takes his sword and hangs herself, Gayle faints from shock, and Dave realises that he is being watched.
Page 16

The Shop At Crooked Corner (Nightmare)
Ellie buys goods from corner shop owned by two men, one good with one blue eye, one evil with black eye, then discovers they are both the same man ‘doomed to live two different lives’ in Jekyll and Hyde type scenario
Page 19

Was It Just...A Game?
Nina is bullied at school and called a witch (Father often away and brings her back dolls from abroad), so decides not to go on school trip. Accidents happen to girls who were mean to her on trip, and final panel shows her enacting these with her dolls
Page 24

Journey Into Fear...
Janice’s brother Kevin buys scrap car to fix up, but she cuts her hand on it after calling it a heap and it starts lots of arguments in previously happy family, she goes into garage to get screwdriver and finds he has named it ‘Satan’s Wheels’ – says she hates it, and car engine starts as it heads straight for her.
Page 28