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Misty Issue 12

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The Purple Emperor

Date:April 22nd, 1978

The Cult Of The Cat:Part 12
Nicola wakes to find her face is fine and starts to climb cliff, then sees Charmian at the bottom with her ring, and loses all her grip, slides back down, and follows Charmian into dream where she is ordained priestess. Police find her asleep in cave and take her home, where she tells her mum cats mean nothing to her now, while knowing she is ‘A very special person, the chosen of Bast’.
Page 3

Paint It Black:Part 12
Maggie tells Mr Thursby her secret about the box of paints, and he watches her paint a picture of Amy and the two children, telling her to stop before she finishes and have a rest from painting and to come visit him tomorrow.
Page 7

Miranda is a beggar girl selling trinkets to ward off curses, those who decline get dead animals, she is arrested but courthouse falls down before she can be tried, so judged a witch but when tied to the stake it begins to rain and has not stopped since and narrator concludes she was a witch after all
Page 12

The Purple Emperor
Betty is obsessed with catching a Purple Emperor butterfly for her collection and gets increasingly cruel about it, then trips while hunting for one and is woken by pounding footsteps of giant purple emperor creature who catches her in net and puts her into killing bottle – wishes she could wake up but story ends.
Page 16

Miss T:Part 12
Page 19

Day Of The Dragon:Part 3
Gayle watches story of Chen, who sneaks out to meet her betrothed who she loves very much, but on return discovers her father has promised her to another, vicious and arrogant man, so arranges to sneak out of the house that night.
Page 20

The Sentinels:Part 12
They rescue Jan’s dad and return to their world, along with Tiger (dog) from other family, claim amnesia and offer to move into Sentinel to prove it is safe now. Faint tremor as the other is blown up, and Jan hopes desperately that they are alright.
Page 24

Moonchild:Part 12
Rosemary arrives at party, they pretend to be nice, then lock Anne in cupboard and give Rosemary mean gifts, horrid cake, spray her with paint, and blindfold her for game – she falls off balcony and then rises back up into the air and tells Norma ‘you’ve had your turn. Now… it’s mine.’ Directly facing reader, given perspective of Norma and friends.
Page 28