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Misty Issue 11

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Paint It Black

Date:April 15th, 1978

The Cult Of The Cat:Part 11
Nicola escapes from hospital and takes bus to moors, wants to get away from everyone including Charmian who she thinks is turning her into cat. She sees her reflection in water and it is of a cat, and hears dogs sent to find her, when she tries to scream it sounds like a cat.
Page 3

Paint It Black:Part 11
Thursby confronts Maggie and when she tries to explain asks to see her school artwork (which is rubbish), goes home threatening to take her to court, and then is presented with her pictures by local dealer. Maggie goes home and tries to paint more, and Thursby appears again to see her.
Page 7

The Guardian Lynxes... (Beasts)
Naomi and archaeologist father excavate an old tomb in Crete, find stone lynxes at entrance, once inside they come alive but Naomi orders them back imperially. They find statue of princess who looks just like Naomi, and she convinces father to leave everything be.
Page 12

Day Of The Dragon:Part 2
Gayle calls Dave but mirror picture vanishes when he arrives. She has dreams about China, and returns to shop but it is closed. Man named Wang follows her, she argues with Dave as he is not interested in her dreams etc.
Page 16

Avalado's Portrait (Nightmare)
Narrated by Maria. Artist Alavado draws portrait of her with ‘magic’ paint and then uses it to blackmail family as whatever happens to portrait she experiences. But her little brother also draws a picture of him and when she tears it in half he dies.
Page 20

The Sentinels:Part 11
Jan accompanies doctor on visit to prisoner, along with other Richards – they find him badly beaten.
Page 24

Moonchild:Part 11
Grandmother revealed as not dead, and that she was one who tried to scare Dawn, warns Rosemary that she will betray her. Norma and friends make horrible cake, Norma’s common mother also comments on it ‘See you, mum. Don’t nick any of me fags on your way out.’ Annie gets out of hospital and Rosemary brings her to party, looking ‘so happy. She’s almost aglow with happiness. She looks as pretty as a picture.’ and Rosemary vows nothing will spoil her night.
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