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Misty Issue 100

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The Dryad Girl

Date:January 5th, 1980

House Of Horror:Part 5
Lizzie investigates, falls in underground river and is rescued, realises she was rescued by one of the waxworks and they follow beat of drum.
Page 3

Gail finds instant camera and uses it to take pictures but each one makes people vanish – ‘evil’ - she smashes it when it runs out of film and everyone reappears ‘next time anyone has a party let’s just enjoy ourselves without photographs – okay?’
Page 7

Miss T:Part 100
Page 11

The Gift Of Fate
Set 100+ years ago, Shan has gift of seeing who will die (The Tolaeth) but is greedy and makes villagers pay for this knowledge – sees own face in coffin and gives her money to poor cousins.
Page 12

The Body Snatchers:Part 9
Nancy and Laura discover Nancy’s parents have been replaced, and that weedkiller works, she vows to make doctor pay.
Page 14

Screaming Point:Part 6
Giant Simeon saves Lucy and tells her that her uncle Seth is a hangman and experimenting to bring people back to life.
Page 18

The Experiment
Fleur realises her father is a robot and house etc all plastic – tries to escape and dies. Message/framing story about animal testing (‘Don’t be silly – such tiny creatures can't think and feel in the way that we do’ with image of rat in cage alongside her).
Page 22

The Dryad Girl
Shala tree dryad gives up immortality to become mortal (‘That boy by the river they call Brian is so handsome… if it was of his kind, we could be together always…’) (‘I’d rather be happy for a little while than live forever yearning for something I can never have’), but turns out she is hideous (fairy style art p32 colour used well here)
Page 29