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Misty Issue 1


Date:February 4th, 1978

The Cult Of The Cat
Begins Ancient Egypt, Charmian charged with task of finding Nicola, the Chosen One. Cat transfiguration using the space of the page (p5). Diving similar within panel (de luca effect) p6.
Page 3

The Sentinels
Dramatic start: Jan scares off kids trying to force Julie into a deserted building: one of the Sentinels. Her aunt and uncle forced to kick them out as landlord thinks she is subletting (on Council waiting list!) so family goes to squat in Sentinels and she sees her ‘other father’.
Page 8

Paint It Black
Maggie’s father finds box of paints and gives to her, she paints amazing picture of a girl while in a trance.
Page 12

Cathy cons old lady out of Moodstone ring for 50p finds it goes ugly colours only for her. Cathy is mean to people and Moonstone turns black, sucking all colour out of her life (uses medium - panels replicate the colours she sees eg purple tones and then finally B&W). Mean Cathy punished as Moodstone dazzles her and all colour vanishes from final panel ‘all the colour’s gone out of my life…wherever I look everybody has turned black.’ Narrative caption (no narrator shown) ending it ‘ Perhaps it was the moodstone dazzling her that made Cathy colour blind, or perhaps – with her black moods – Cathy had been colour blind to all the good things in life for a long time…’ – raising qs not answering them.
Page 16

Roots (Nightmare)
Jill goes to stay in Evergreen with her granddad for the summer, uncanny realisation townspeople standing out in rain at night and nobody has died for years, discovers they have roots. Final reassuring panel added where she decides to stay.
Page 18

Rosemary and mother in court for beating her (case dismissed), bullied in school, trick played on her (match in chalk) and sets her hair on fire, double eye circular panel (p26) as she uses powers.
Page 23

Miss T
Page 27

Red Knee - White Terror! (Beasts)
Andrea buys bananas from market with poisonous spider while hearing news report on radio, lots of panels showing spider on her without her realising (so reader knows more), it attacks her in bath but is just her brother’s toy trick (exploiting medium), final panel she relaxes and hand dangles down – as real spider approaches!
Page 28