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Mandy For Girls Issue 1979

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Date:January 1st, 1979

The Double Life Of Julie-Ellen
Page 4

Page 10

Collector Kate
Page 18

My Brother - Rex!
Page 20

Vain Jane (Grim Warning)
Page 26

Hillary Of The Happy Bus
Page 27

The Samsons Stick Together
Page 34

A Gift For Gran
Page 40

Stella Starr
Page 43

Disc Din (Grim Warning)
Page 49

It's A Dare!
Page 50

Marie Claire's Holiday Diary
Page 58

The Samsons Stick Together:Part 2
Page 61

Hands Off My Dad!
Page 65

TV Topic (Grim Warning)
Page 71

Page 72

Wendy The Winner
Page 76

Lazy Lizzie
Page 80

The Story Of Sam
Page 81

Quiet Please (Grim Warning)
Page 84

The Samsons Stick Together:Part 3
Page 85

Toni And The Time Trigger
Page 92

Penny Of P.A.W.S.
Page 97

Boy Trouble
Page 102

The Samsons Stick Together:Part 4
Page 104

Beth Of Battle Harbour
Page 113

The Whispering Shell
Page 121

Late Kate (b) (Grim Warning)
Page 127