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Mandy For Girls Issue 1978

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Date:January 1st, 1978

It's A Dare!
Page 6

Rita The Record Breaker
Page 12

The Perils Of Slimming (Grim Warning)
Page 16

Tuesday's Child
Page 17

The Thing With Long Fingers
Page 24

A Toothy Topic (Grim Warning)
Page 26

Penny Of P.A.W.S.
Page 27

Jo and Jeannie
Page 33

My Own Brother!
Page 38

Nail Tale
Page 42

Tuesday's Child:Part 2
Page 43

The Secret Of Clumsy Kate
Page 49

Untidiness! (Grim Warning)
Page 57

The Slave Girls
Page 58

The Girl Who Never Was (b)
Page 65

Hair Care (Grim Warning)
Page 74

Page 75

Tuesday's Child:Part 3
Page 81

Scruffy Story (Grim Warning)
Page 88

A Change Of Heart
Page 89

Tina Of Task Force
Page 92

Brenda's Book Of Knowledge
Page 98

Present Problems
Page 102

Crystal Ball
Page 104

Tuesday's Child:Part 4
Page 105

That Bad Dog - Rex!
Page 113

Over-Eating (Grim Warning)
Page 119

Brampton's Big Noise
Page 120