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Lion Issue 520

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Date:March 24th, 1962
Price:5d (2.1p)

Paddy Payne - Warrior Of The Skies (Paddy Payne)
Page 1

Robot Archie (Robot Archie):Part 114
Page 4

Tales Of Tollgate School (Sandy Dean):Part 14
Page 6

The Amazing Adventures Of Sky-High Bannion:Part 14
Page 8

Bruce Kent Invites You To Spot The Clue:Part 242
Page 11

Captain Condor & The Push-Button Planet (Captain Condor):Part 13
Page 12

King Bruce
Page 15

Karl The Viking (Karl The Viking):Part 58
Page 16

Grit Hewson- The Get Tough Globe-Trotter
Page 18

Rory MacDuff And The Isle Of Fear (Rory MacDuff):Part 4
Page 22