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Lion Issue 396

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Paddy Payne - Warrior Of The Skies

Date:November 7th, 1959
Price:4.5d (1.9p)

Paddy Payne - Warrior Of The Skies (Paddy Payne)
Page 1

Sandy Dean's Schooldays (Sandy Dean):Part 351
Page 4

Billy The Kid
Page 6

Behind Enemy Lines
Page 10

Captives In El Dorado
Page 12

Robot Archie - Bodyguard To The Menaced Rajah (Robot Archie):Part 20
Page 16

Rory MacDuff - Danger Wanted! (Rory MacDuff):Part 3
Page 18

Captain Condor (a) (Captain Condor)
Page 20

Bruce Kent Invites You To Spot The Clue:Part 118