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Lion Issue 386

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Paddy Payne In Operation Mosquito

Date:August 29th, 1959

Paddy Payne In Operation Mosquito (Paddy Payne):Part 26
Page 1

Bruce Kent Invites You To Spot The Clue:Part 108

Grit Hewson- The Get Tough Globe-Trotter:Part 10

Jungle Jef And The Riddle Of The Vanishing Pygmies:Part 26

Lucky Guffy:Part 108

Max Malone Of The Secret Service:Part 99

Robot Archie - Bodyguard To The Menaced Rajah (Robot Archie):Part 10

Sandy Dean's Schooldays (Sandy Dean):Part 341

Tex Radley - The Rancher From The Circus Ring:Part 39

The Amazing Adventures Of Mr X (b) (Mr X):Part 47

The Mystery Of Space-Project Z (Captain Condor):Part 6