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Lion Issue 285

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Date:August 3rd, 1957
Price:4d (1.7p)

Captain Condor And The S.O.S. From The Stars (Captain Condor):Part 24
Page 12

Bruce Kent Invites You To Spot The Clue:Part 7

Lucky Guffy:Part 7

Paddy Payne - Fighter Pilot (Paddy Payne):Part 2

Rod Ransome's Perilous Quest To Polar Isle:Part 17

Sandy Dean's Schooldays (Sandy Dean):Part 240

Sergeant Samson Of The Mounties:Part 38

Swift Nick - The Mystery Highwayman:Part 21

The Amazing Adventures Of Mr X (Mr X):Part 227

White Chief Of The Pygmies:Part 68

Zack Dawson And The Vengeance Of Snake Fang:Part 5