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June Issue 507

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Glory Knight Time Travel Courier

Cotitle:School Friend 2
Date:February 20th, 1971

Oh, Tinker!
Page 2

Where The Heart Is
Page 4

Gymnast Jinty
Page 7

Bessie Bunter
Page 10

Pony Treck Penny
Page 12

Glory Knight Time Travel Courier
Page 16

Sindy In Canada
Page 19

Lucky's Living Doll
Page 23

Attacked By Condors
Page 26

Curse Of The Roman Sword (Storyteller)
Moira finds an old sword and cuts self on it, then things start to go wrong for village (supermarket, new road) and she thinks it must be cursed. There’s a big flood and then she discovers it has been sent away - and that the flood will mean no new road and supermarket due to damage caused. ‘Moira is still sure about the sword putting a curse on the village. And how many of you would say she was wrong, I wonder?’
Page 28

Safari Hotel
Page 32

Secret Of Bell Mountain
Page 34