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Eagle Issue 101


Dan Dare - Pilot Of The Future

Date:April 14th, 1950
Price:3d (1.3p)

Dan Dare - Pilot Of The Future (Dan Dare)
Page 1

The Adventures Of P.C. 49
Page 3

Plot Against The World
Page 4

Captain Pugwash
Page 5

The Spies Who Saved London
Page 7

Professor Brittain Explains::Radar
Page 8

Seth And Shorty - Cowboys
Page 9

Skippy The Kangaroo
Page 10

Discovering The Countryside
Page 12

Heroes Of The Clouds
Page 12

Lash Lonergan's Quest
Page 16

Rob Conway
Page 18

Tommy Walls
Page 19

The Great Adventurer
Page 20