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Diana For Girls Issue 1973

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Date:January 1st, 1973

Mary Brown's Schooldays
Page 6

Up-To-Date Kate
Page 12

Queen Of The Planet Of Flowers
Page 16

Lorna In The Court Of King Arthur
Page 25

Maureen And The Boy Next Door
Page 33

My Big Brother Marmaduke
Page 40

Sing A Song Of Puppets
Page 46

Jane Model Miss
Page 49

The Bully In Blue
Page 56

The Unlucky Horse Shoe (Storyteller)
Page 58

Rosie Red Riding Hood
Page 66

Letty Leads The Way!
Page 68

Rusty's First Rosettes
Page 76

The Day Of The Dancing Dolls
Page 81

A Spot Of Bother
Page 88

A Penny For The Cornets
Page 90

A Girl Called Sarah
Page 97

Up-To-Date Kate:Part 1973
Page 106

Dear Little Elf
Page 108

Shona's Faithful Friend
Page 115

Willa The Witch
Page 119