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Diana For Girls Issue 1970

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Date:January 1st, 1970

Mary Brown's Schooldays
Page 6

Our Gang
Page 12

Up-To-Date Kate
Page 14

Jane Model Miss
Page 15

Starr Of Wonderland
Page 25

Rosie Red Riding Hood
Page 31

Night Of The Witches (Storyteller)
Page 33

The Other Catriona
Page 37

My Big Sister Billie
Page 44

New To The Prairies
Page 49

Mum's On The Council
Page 57

Afraid To Tell The Truth
Page 60

School For Penfriends
Page 65

My Big Brother Marmaduke
Page 73

Mactaggart Of The Mounted Police
Page 81

Snow In The Summer
Page 86

Clumsy Claudia
Page 88

The Broken Ballerina
Page 92

Nellie Bashem And The Unwelcome Guests
Page 97

Our Gang:Part 1970
Page 104

Ingrid At Push-Button Academy
Page 106

Lorna On Stage
Page 117

Mary Brown's Schooldays:Part 1970
Page 121