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Lion Issue 885

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The Spider (b)

Date:March 22nd, 1969
Price:7d (2.9p)

Paddy Payne And The Fire Raiders:Part 3
Page 2

The Spider (b) (The Spider):Part 3
Page 10

Captain Condor & The Push-Button Planet (Captain Condor):Part 19
Page 30

Rory MacDuff And The Ghost Of Jason Rollo (Rory MacDuff):Part 3
Page 34

Andy's Army:Part 26

Carson's Cubs:Part 133

Gold Strike In Gopher Hills:Part 3

Mowser And James:Part 142

Murphy's Magic Mauler:Part 18

Robot Archie In The World Of The Future (Robot Archie):Part 10

Spot The Clue With Zip Nolan:Part 255

The Day The World Drowned:Part 17

The Mind Stealers:Part 13

The Story Of The Clubs:Part 20