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Misty Issue 80

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The Monkey

Date:August 18th, 1979

The Monkey
Kitty teases organ grinder’s monkey and it bites her, she starts acting more monkeylike, and then music calls her to his house, where she changes place with monkey and realises she will have to dance like this ‘till the end of my days…’
Page 3

Wolf Girl:Part 16
Lona and Anna are saved by Warrior but effort is too much and he dies, she tries to leave pack and get them to choose new leader but they follow her, so she decides to put the pack back in the zoo (‘They think I’ve betrayed them, bringing them back here! But it’s better to be a well cared-for prisoner than a hunted victim without a leader.’) and returns Anna to her relatives and herself to humankind (howls coming from zoo as she walks down high street clutching baby with people staring at her).
Page 8

Darkness At Noon
Italian city in past, Julia has horrible nightmares of herself in the future and city being engulfed but nobody believes her, she is drugged and sent to bed and it is revealed in narration that this is Pompeii and Vesuvius is erupting, final panel of tourists ‘Poor girl, she must have died an awful death…! I wonder who she was…?’
Page 12

Winner Loses All!:Part 3
Sandy makes the deal to save her Dad after Jocasta says she will tell Mrs Hornby he is drunk again (in a ditch) [good page layout], final panel lots of demons.
Page 18

The Loving Cup:Part 11
Lucy is rescued and realises room she is in is all familiar (recognises statue etc). Mr and Mrs Borgia reveal to us that she has been promised to them, they keep the cup for testing and Lucy is briefly happy, then ends with them appearing as her aunt and uncle on mother’s side.
Page 22

Time To Spare
Margo never has time to help her mum, or to help old guy across the road when she wants to meet friends at the beach, he decides to teach her a lesson and traps her in glass bottle ‘Scream all you want, my pretty. There is no-one to hear you. Now you have time, nothing but time, until I choose to release you … / And who can say when I will have enough time to spare for that…?’
Page 29