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Misty Issue 75

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The Treatment

Date:July 14th, 1979

The Treatment
Londoner Glenda sent to correctional school decides to run away (‘I’ll get out of here without anyone’s help – and if any of you get in my way, you’ll get hurt bad!’ – circular central panel she breaks fourth wall and its boundaries with a clenched fist), cook helps her, revealed it is a trick by owners and Glenda is transformed into a tree and replaced by a perfect replica ‘filled with the gentle calm of the countryside’ – final panel of real Glenda trapped in tree trunk.
Page 3

The Loving Cup:Part 6
Lucy succumbs to the cup’s power when placing it at the bank [possessed blank eyes filled with stars] and flurry of bank notes whirl around her.
Page 7

The Night Demon (True Ghost)
1817 in USA, farmgirl Betsy haunted by malevolent ghost, who has a grudge against her father – when he dies the hauntings stop.
Page 13

Wolf Girl:Part 11
Police helicopter warns family away, Lona wins staring contest with Warrior and restates her responsibility to the pack, has memories of childhood and of forest fire, but next day he corners her on clifftop.
Page 14

Nightmare Academy:Part 11
Sharon thinks she has found sanctuary at Fiona’s cottage whose owner tells her that school is a nest of vampires led by Miss N, who arrives and revealed that he works her as she killed his wife and has threatened his daughter. Ends with Miss Nocturne fangs about to bite Sharon.
Page 18

Thief Kate breaks into house, pulls a knife on a man and steals his cubist style painting. Has a dream she enters it and then starts to see everything distorted as in painting – decides to return it to police but even after world goes back to normal and she has learnt her lesson (‘I’m not getting into any more trouble. I’ve had enough!’) she is stuck looking distorted (uses medium, hidden throughout last page until final panel mirror ‘That can’t be me…? … But it was!’)
Page 22

Malice In Wonderland
Owner in midst of his deserted wonderland carnival, has been haunted by ghost girl, he finally sees her and climbs to top of rollercoaster chasing her, she reveals she died in neglectful accident and same happens to him – story ends with wonderland popular again but he is the ghost that haunts it.
Page 29