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Misty Issue 59

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Date:March 24th, 1979

Don't Look Twice:Part 3
Sammy’s dreams continue she overhears odd comments from her parents (‘It has to be the reason’), tries to stay awake but fails, dreams of being adrift in ocean and lapses into coma ‘it looks like exposure, as if she’d been adrift on a boat in the ocean for weeks’.
Page 3

Two Left Feet
Anna puts a gypsy curse on her sister Jeanette as she is jealous of her dancing but the ribbon she uses is hers and she becomes clumsy instead, falls down stairs.
Page 7

The Secret World Of Sally Maxwell:Part 11
Sally rescues her twin cousin from a fire [impressive splash pages] but then collapses just before doctors come looking for her – revealed all the lab animals died.
Page 12

A Picture Of Horror
Zoe discovers her mum was a witch, curses school bullies and traps them in pages of a horror comic.
Page 16

Footsteps In The Sand
Mean Trudy knocks over a small boy’s sandcastle and is cursed by a trail of sandy footprints – but makes amends by building a new one and sees the curse passed on to another bigger boy who has kicked over her castle in turn.
Page 20

The Nine Lives Of Nicola:Part 7
Rats in cellar attack the snake so Nicola and her friend escape, they temporarily forget about Miss Royle statue due to snowstorm, but after snow has melted they return to seller to find the rats turned to stone – and all the biology animals – so snake is still on the loose in school…
Page 22

Black Agnes
Set in london plague, Agnes Barton takes servant position and kills and robs the family (pretends is plague) but is then haunted by them in new lodges, and knocks over candle by throwing gold at the ghosts in fear and burns to death (starting fire of London).
Page 29