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Misty Issue 58

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Date:March 17th, 1979

Don't Look Twice:Part 2
Sammy keeps dreaming of oceanliner wreck.
Page 3

Shadow Of A Doubt...
Mary hears whispers coming from their barn including her dad's voice, plotting to kill everyone in the town, turns out it is people's shadows
Page 8

The Secret World Of Sally Maxwell:Part 10
Sally uses her power and reveals Ruby is scared of spiders. Scientists discover the mice that have inhaled same gas as Sally die.
Page 12

Time School
Set in future: 23rd century and schoolchildren are on a field trip back in time to study extinct animals, Nora steals a baby panda to take back with her, breaking rule (‘I’ve done it! I’ve broken the silly old first rule of time travel!’) ('What has been done once can be done again') and is then kidnapped herself by students from 26th century (when even more animals have become extinct) citing this rule.
Page 16

Wendy the Witch:Part 12
The Bully (named as 'Rosie') tricks Wendy with a giant balloon. However when Rosie tries a second prank, Wendy gets revenge.
Page 21

The Nine Lives Of Nicola:Part 6
Miss Royle nearly comes alive as cobra's power wanes.
Page 22

Miss T:Part 58
Page 28

Full Circle
Lazy Gail (‘…who wants to work when you can have a nice easy life doing nothing?’) answers an advert to look after plants and ends up taking place of owner to look after them forever (‘I was very much like you … arrogant and selfish! But the plants taught me a lesson I will never forget!’)
Page 29